Tell A Story

Our parents and teachers would tell us stories, which we remember to this day. Coaches tell stories to inspire their teams to win matches. We remember stories that brings a smile to our faces. Why? Because people remember stories better than they remember most things. Stories makes you emotionally invest in its characters and the event.

Precision Pipes too are using storytelling to capture user experience.

We want to capture more and more stories and views about your journey with Precision products and the ease they have bought into your lives and made it better. Critical appreciation from our product users helps us capture their experience with our products so that we retain the memories and also as a motivation to keep giving you the best in value.

In your own unique and engaging way, tell us your Commercial Precision Pipe story using these 7 tips. There is a surprise waiting for our clients who present some of the most engaging videos, so give it your best shot.

  • How did you hear about us?
  • Were your expectations met, unmet, or exceeded?
  • Did our employees or customer service staff help you? How?
  • What, if any, products, services, or features are we missing?
  • What did you enjoy most about your experience?
  • How would you describe your experience?
  • On a scale of zero (unlikely) to ten (very likely), how likely would you be to recommend us to friends or family?
  • From one (unhappy) to ten (very happy), how would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?
  • On a scale of one (not easy) to ten (very easy), how easy was your execution experience?
  • What would you change about your experience?

We believe that customer opinions hold more weight than ever in the path to purchase and have become an essential brand marketing asset.